May 16th – Day Two of Cannes Film Festival 2013

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Day Two of the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival was dominated by strong females. The entire day centred on the film ‘The Bling Ring,’ which is directed by a woman; Sofia Coppola and predominantly stars females as the main characters. These include Emma Watson, Taissa Fariga and  Katie Chang.

The film is based upon real-life events which see a group of teens become obsessed with the celebrity culture and excitement of Hollywood. This infatuation becomes somewhat sinister when the group, otherwise known as the ‘Bling Ring,’ use Google maps and gossip columns to determine when their idols houses are empty, in order for them to be able to break in and burglarise them.  Emma Watson plays the ringleader, and the celebrities that become victims include Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Megan Fox.

Emma Watson turned up to the Festival in a Chanel couture dress, a far cry from the Gang culture clothing she wears in the films. Sofia Coppola wore Louis Vuitton, and is best known for other controversial stories she has daringly adapted into films; Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation and the Virgin Suicides. This American Crime Drama film promises to be no less risky than any of her other endeavours.

At the photocall yesterday, Emma Watson was seen to be wearing a Christopher Kane dress with feather detail and posed for photos with both her cast members, which seemed natural and happy; the chemistry present in the film was clear even on the red carpet, and with Sofia Coppola who was wearing monochromatic Louis Vuitton, where she looked very much like the director of a hit film.

The Bling Ring is set to come out on the 5th July in the UK, and we just know that it will be accurate. Emma Watson spent hours every day watching Celebrity Reality shows such as ‘The Hills’ and ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ in order to gain a better understanding of the psychological problems which can lead to this kind of obsession , and also to perfect her Hollywood accent. The cast members were also made by Sofia Coppola to practice robbing a house in preparation, and realising how and where they went wrong. All in all this should be a very well researched and visually accurate film.


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