5 Easy Ways to Rock A Linen Top

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What’s not to love about linen? It’s simple, elegant, timeless, fashionable, breezy, comfortable and perfect for summer weather. However, as much as this fabric works with almost anything in your closet, you may be feeling a little bit out of your depth when it comes to wearing linen tops in different ways. Worry not. We have five simple ideas that anyone can rock regardless of the style, color and overall finish of the linen top.



Make it Flowy

Don’t overlook pairing a linen top with a skirt. While it might look like a loose getup, it’s an easy way to achieve that boho-chic vibe that meshes with the summer weather. Options include:

– Tight-Fitting Skirts: Whether you pair the shirt with a long or short skirt, you can accentuate your curves and show off your waist with this look. Alternatively, you can let it all hang and allow the shirt to take center stage while the skirt adds to the overall look.

– Loose-Fitting Skirts: As much as you want to get that breezy look, you don’t want to end up looking too frumpled. Choose a skirt with an evident waistline or accentuate the look with a thin belt to show the divide.


Shorten It

Looking to have a fun day out and look the part? How about adding a short to your look? In the summer, when the heat seems to be getting to people (and their last nerves), being cool matters a great deal. Shorts are an easy way to get the air circulating, and they also pair well with all linen tops. You can choose to work with complementary colors and do a bit of mixing and matching for a bold effect. Alternatively, you can keep it simple by choosing neutral tones, which you can order online.


Elongate Your Style

What goes wrong with jeans? Almost nothing! And with linen, trousers might be the simplest way for you to step into your work day casually. So, what options are there?

– Wide-Legged Trousers: The wide hemlines work with the puffy linen top to give you a well-put-together hourglass figure. Make sure you tuck in the top to show off your waistline. Even better, choose a high-waisted trouser.

– Skinny Jeans: The loose nature of the top may have you feeling like you need one item to make the look less flowy. If this describes your taste, why not go with a pair of skinny jeans? For neutral hues, go with dark jeans and for lighter colored tops, experiment with lighter colored jeans. Of course, you can do away with the contrast and opt for a complementary ensemble.


Dress it Up

Have you ever thought of wearing your linen top as a layer cloth item? Think about it. When summer is over, and people are stashing their linen clothes in the closet in preparation for fall, this fabric seems to take a backseat. However, fall is too early to retire your look. Instead, throw on your shirt over a dress and see how well the look comes together. Whether you want to add a dramatic effect by contrasting the colors or you want a more unified look, you are sure to get it right.


Cover it Up

What do you wear to the beach or pool? With kimonos taking over the scene and people opting to cover up more than they show, it’s always good to have that one item you can always throw over your swimsuit and get going. A linen shirt does a wonderful job at this. Not only is it fashionable, but it’s also comfortable and wicks moisture away from your body for the perfect coverup effect.

See how easy it is to style this look? Here’s another tip- keep your jewelry simple to avoid taking the focus away from your magnificent linen shirt! Have fun!


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