11 Must-Know Tips On Wearing Sexy Dresses For Any Event

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The moment you’re invited to special events and formal occasions, the first thing that usually concerns you right away is your outfit. Everyone wants to sport the best dress for any event, whether it’s a party, a concert, a wedding, or an awarding ceremony. For women, the most common outfit choice at any event is sexy dresses.

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Wearing sexy dresses can effortlessly make you look more feminine, sophisticated, attractive, and more put-together. It can also make you look sexy without even trying so hard. However, just because you’re already wearing a sexy dress doesn’t mean you’ll leave it as it is.

To step up your dress-up game, here are eleven must-know tips you need to remember when wearing sexy dresses for any event that will surely turn everyone’s heads everywhere you go:


1 – Show Off Your Cleavage

Some sexy dresses may differ in style, color, and design. If you’re going on a semi-formal event, perhaps a birthday party for one of your friends, it might be a good idea to wear a sexy dress that will show off your cleavage. You can go for a side boob dress or a dress with a plunging V-neckline to highlight your best frontal features.

This option is also perfect for women with shorter necks, as the V-neckline will make an illusion that your neck is a few inches longer. If you do decide to show off your cleavage, make sure you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, as slouching or frequently shuffling your hands to your neckline will only ruin your aura. Also, don’t forget to use plunge bras or boob tapes to avoid your bra peeking out from the neckline.


2 – Go Strapless

When wearing sexy dresses for a night out on the town, you may want to consider wearing a strapless dress. Since you’re going on a night out with your friends or loved ones, you might want to wear something comfortable, not too restrictive, and will still show off some skin.

These strapless dresses can easily make people draw attention to your shoulders and delicate collarbones, effortlessly making you sexy and even seductive. Make sure you also wear a strapless bra, as the bra straps could ruin the overall look.

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3 – Flex Your Legs

One of the best things about sexy dresses is that they’re perfect for flexing your legs, especially if you’re gifted with long-legged ones. To show off your long and smooth legs, you might consider wearing a bodycon dress or a sexy mini bandage. Aside from effortlessly showing them, these sexy dresses can also smoothen your curves.


4 – Create An Illusion Of Being Almost Naked

One type of sexy dress that will help you create an illusion of being almost naked is no other than the mesh dresses. This option isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially if you’ve never tried wearing something daring before. While this dress may not always show off your skin, the lightweight mesh fabric does the job of showing off your body by teasing the audience about what’s inside. Moreover, when wearing a mesh dress, make sure to wear a slip to avoid revealing too much. It can make you look sophisticated, but you can also choose nude or white depending on the dress’ color.


5 – Go For The Iconic Red Dress

One color that demands attention and is also considered the color of seduction is the red color. Wearing a red dress will surely make you noticeable despite being in a crowded room. Whether it’s a strapless, flare dress, or a mesh one, the red color can effortlessly make you sexier, attractive, and more dominant. Make sure to pair it with red heels or black heels to create contrast.


6 – Accentuate Your Arms

If you think your best features are your arms, don’t hesitate to show them off by wearing a sleeveless dress. Some of the best dress types to show off your arms are the baby doll dress, halters, spaghetti straps, and bodycon dress. As an additional tip, avoid wearing too many bracelets or eye-catching arm jewelry to prevent them from stealing the attention away from the beauty of your arms.


7 – Wear Something Metallic

Another type of dress that can make you shine like diamonds is the metallic dress. Metallic dresses are perfect, especially if you’re attending awarding events, proms, birthday parties, or even wedding receptions. Its shimmering gold and silver skin will almost be impossible for the other guests to ignore. However, avoid wearing heavy and massive jewelry as the dress is already flashy enough, and adding accessories will only make you look like a lighted Christmas tree. Just let your sexy metallic dress get out there alone and enjoy all the attention.


8 – Define Your Curves

If you have a fit and curvy body, show it off by wearing a fitted lace dress. Lace dresses can make you feel more feminine and sexier due to their lace design. It is also a perfect option if you’re going out for a romantic date or planning to spend the night with your lover. You can also pair it with flat shoes or high heels, depending on the occasion.


9 – Try Animal Prints

Bandage and bodycon dresses featuring animal prints can also make you look sexy and powerful. You can choose to have the leopard, cheetah, tiger, or cat print dress or top via Buddy Love. However, avoid wearing animal-printed dresses if you’re going to formal events like christening, wedding receptions, or awarding events. On the other note, you can wear them when going on a night out with your friends, birthday parties, or a chill movie night with your partner. For the accessories, avoid overdoing it as the animal print is already flashy. For your footwear, make sure you’re wearing a solid color such as black or white.


10 – Wear A Seductive Lingerie

Aside from wearing a sexy dress, seductive lingerie underneath can automatically boost your mood and add more sexiness. While your lingerie is something that no one will ever see, just the fact that you’re wearing a sensuous secret underneath can automatically elevate your confidence and power. So, whatever occasion you’re attending, pair your dresses with some silky, lacy, or see-through thongs and bras to channel more sexiness within.


11 – Pamper Yourself

Looking sexy doesn’t only end with your dress and lingerie. It also has to radiate with the rest of your body. So, if you want to feel sexy all over from head to toe, then pamper yourself unapologetically. You can get a mani-pedi before the occasion, add highlights or get a new color for your hair and embrace sensual hairstyles.

It’s also best if you wear your seductive signature fragrance and pair it with on-point makeup. All these can do wonders for your confidence when you need to put on a sexy dress.


Wrap Up

Choosing to wear a sexy dress for any event can be challenging, especially if you’re not always into it. But with these tips, you’ll surely slay with your sexy dress, regardless if it’s your first time or twentieth time. So, be yourself, slay your dress, walk with attitude, and your natural sexiness will show.


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