10 Hottest Model Hairstyles of the Moment

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Nothing feels better than having your hair styled giving you that extra spring in your step. Are you overdue your cut and colour or just fancy a change? Why not opt for something a little different that follows the latest hair trends of the moment.

With an industry that is constantly revolving, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. Find inspiration from our 10 hairstyles of the moment from a soft, cool pink hue to micro braids to a razor sharp finish, there’s something for everyone.

To complete the overall look on the catwalk or for editorial shoots, the hairstyle has to be of the moment and different from last season. Model agencies will look out for individuals with luscious locks that can be easily be manipulated into different styles.


1) Think Pink


Imagine smoky, soft and sophisticated tones when choosing your pink shade. A more grown-up, alternative version to the hot pink days that’s run its course – for now.  The elegant pink shade brings a modern, cool edge to every look especially when teamed with a grey root. It’s the perfect way to stand out in a more subtle, understated way.

2) Shimmer in Silver


The silvery grey hair trend has been around for sometime and it looks like it’s going nowhere anytime soon. Bringing a super cool edge to any look, the smoky ash hues and silver charcoal tones are still going strong and we can see why. If you’re thinking of going grey make sure you book an appointment at the salon as it’s a lot more difficult than it looks to get the colour just right.


3) Lightly Crimped


Or braid pressed (as it’s also called) with a centre parting is huge this year. It’s really easy to create too. Plait sections of your hair from approximately 5cm from your parting, use your straightens to lightly clamp along each braid. Undo the plaits and brush through to finish. This will create texture and volume for a super chic, relaxed look.


4) The Micro Braid


If you prefer your hair neat and tidy, the small, tight micro braids from the catwalk will be the perfect hairstyle for you this summer. Carefully plait along your centre parting for a hairstyle full of attitude or add volume to your locks by tightly braiding under the hairline. The options are endless. You better get practicing your braiding skills today.


5) Copper Tones


Here to stay for another season is the reddish brown shade that we all adore. Admittedly, copper has been a favourite for quite a while yet the luxurious shade is easy to wear and those multi-tones catch the light just beautifully. If you’re after the perfect copper tone its best to visit a professional, as it’s a technical shade that only an expert can master.


6) Every Colour of the Rainbow


If you don’t fancy dying your hair bright yellow, white or green we totally understand and so does the industry. That’s why wigs are set to be a big hit to allow you the freedom to experiment with your hairstyle. Wigs are the perfect way to change your look, from the colour to the style. Make sure that you invest in a good quality wig that lasts and looks the part.


7) Clip It


Accessories are back this year. We’re talking diamanté slides and crocodile clips that dress up your up or down do. Create a side-swept look with barrettes allowing for the clips to add a stylish, fun feature. Making your hairstyle more interesting since the nineties, they’ve made a come back, which doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon. It’s time to dig out your favourite clips for 2019, if you haven’t already done so.


8) Razor Sharp


Crisp, blunt bobs with a sharp, precise finish are replacing the more relaxed, layered look. Short lengths that finish way above your shoulders are in this season, complimenting your bone structure effortlessly. While you’re at it, why not cut your fringe too to match.


9)  The Beehive


Nostalgic for the 60s, the beehive is back. Sophisticated and stylish, the up do is having its moment and we couldn’t be happier that the elegant, chic hairstyle that got its name from its resemblance to the shape of a traditional beehive has returned. Those fond of the era can reminisce about the much-loved decade.


10) The Higher the Better


Those with long hair will be thankful of the high ponytail when the summer heat wave begins – optimistic we know. Basically, as the temperature starts to rise so does your ponytail. The half up, half down version is also on trend allowing for your long locks to cascade down your shoulder. The high pony creates a sleek look full of attitude that is suitable for all occasions.


To Finish

There you have it, the hottest hairstyles of the moment. With so many to choose from you’re spoilt for choice with modern styles with a razor sharp edge, a rainbow of colours to experiment with and accessories to compliment your up do. There’s never been a better time to bring something new to your locks than what 2019 has to offer.


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Written by Lola McQuenzie

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