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Everyone loves getting dressed up for a wedding. For many, it’s a rare chance to bust out their sharpest threads and fanciest accessories, and even for less fashion-forward folk it is always fun to smarten up for a big event.


But dressing for a wedding is not just a matter of dusting off your one wedding suit or posh frock! Wedding dress codes can be complex and specific, and knowing what each one means will help you fit in at even the swankiest of affairs.


So if you’ve got a full calendar next wedding season or are putting together a simple packing list for cruising to a destination wedding, take a look below at everything you need to know about wedding dress codes.

The code


What it means

A seriously swanky, usually evening event, a black-tie wedding is about as formal as it gets (unless you know someone who goes in for white-tie!). Men should wear tuxedos with a black bow-tie, and a cummerbund if they are feeling fancy. Women should wear a floor-length gown, although if the event itself is not super formal you can probably get away with a sophisticated cocktail dress.

The code


What it means

This is essentially ‘black-tie lite’, meaning not quite as formal as a full-on black-tie event but not far off. Women’s choices are more or less the same, with the added option of something like a smart, elegant pantsuit. For guys, if you don’t feel like a tuxedo a formal, dark suit with a neck-tie is perfectly acceptable.

The code


What it means

This is probably the most popular and common wedding dress code. It’s smart, but comfortable. Classy, but casual. It gives guests the most room for expression while still looking awesome. Women should opt for a mid-length or tea dress, but can also experiment with alternative options such as a chic jumpsuit. Men should wear a suit and tie, but feel free to be a little jazzier with colors and even add a pocket square if you are feeling exciting!

The code


What it means

This means the wedding will probably be taking place in a relaxed venue, on a beach, in a forest, or something like that. Guests should still look sharp, but there are really no official restrictions beyond that. Khakis and a collared shirt for guys and a summer sundress for girls is the general vibe!



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