In the mood of Andrea Karg (Allude): "Allude will have a real cosmic summer next year!"

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Relaxnews: Which singer or actress best embodies your Spring/Summer 2013 collection and why?
Andrea Karg: This season I did not want to have anybody specific in mind to design the collection for. I wanted to start without any restrictions: with a completely open and free mind! I was ready for a non-personalized approach. I was largely inspired by the color blue and its mystic associations. Not only blue like the ocean… But blue like the universe and its unlimited spaces! Unlimited like women in their soul! Spring/Summer 2013 at Allude is a real hymn to the unlimited core in every woman!

R: What do you think will be the essential fashion accessory for Spring/Summer 2013 and why?
AK: Flat shoes in general. And of course sneakers, which are having a big revival not only as heritage items in the sneaker scene but also in fashion. Sneakers in particular make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Probably not a real essential for everybody, but a real essential for me!

R: Which song or music do you associate with your latest collection? Why?
AK: I admire the work of The Chemical Brothers, pioneers of the ‘big beat’! And I love even more the perfect contrast to my favorite material: luxurious cashmere goes along with electronic beats at Allude. A wonderful contrast and incredible harmony at the same time! I like contradictions which seem to be contrasting but build a perfect, intelligent harmony at the end. All framed in space-cosmic-blue… We are set to have a real cosmic summer at Allude next year!

R: Where is the most unexpected place you went to find inspiration for your Spring/Summer 2013 designs?
AK: I never go anywhere to find inspiration. It is an inner process of learning, growing and development. It is never an act outside of our authentic context. The whole Allude story can be compared with a stream. A stream is not happening in a certain single moment, it’s flowing all the time. Always and everywhere! To devote my collection to the color blue was the right thing to do at this moment of my personal view to the creative “all”. And the combination with the music of Chemical Brothers is rooted in the same inspiration. It is a composition which comes directly from my inner being. And is right for me for the here and now, for Summer 2013! I am curious about what will happen next season in this wonderful, always surprising stream of Allude.

R: What is the biggest backstage disaster you have ever been confronted with before a fashion show?
AK: Honestly, no food and soft drinks for the backstage staff!

R: Which event in your personal life has had the biggest impact on your career as a fashion designer?
AK: There was never a big event! It was a growing process which I have nourished constantly since I was a child with the things I love and need the most in life: art, literature, music — simply creativity wherever I find it. The biggest impact probably has come from love — love for and devotion to what I am privileged to do. Love for this wonderful material cashmere. Love for this incredible outer manifestation of an inner process: starting with 15 slim cashmere sweaters 20 years ago and culminating in a runway show in Paris among the best brands in the world. This constant experience, together with my deep love for working with creative, devoted and inspiring people, keeps me running. All this has a deep impact on me as a fashion designer. Day after day. Year after year.

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