Ultimate Guide to Decorating your Home with Kills and Runner Rugs

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What are your feelings when you hear the word “rugs?” Do you imagine a thin, low pile rug in your living room? Maybe a thick, fluffy one for your bedroom? What about runners in your kitchen or hallway? The truth is that there are so many different types of rugs. They can be used to give personality and warmth to any room. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, including rectangle, oblong, round, oval, and octagonal. Another popular type of these beautiful and best area rugs is called runners- this style typically runs along the length of furniture such as couches or tables. You will find that these two styles have many similarities and some key differences- read on to learn more.

Kilim Rugs

The word “Kilim” is Turkish for “killi,” which means plain weave. Kilims are woven by hand with no use of a loom. The knots are tied to achieve the desired pattern and then dyed or painted after they are completed. They are used as floor coverings in many homes across the world but also make great wall hangings! They are generally made of high-quality wool, cotton, or silk.

Kills are typically thicker than runners, so they tend to be softer under the feet and plusher. They also have a fringed finish along one side, which is not common in runner rugs. Kilims are available in many colors, but you should always choose your rug based on its use in the room. For example, light color is best for high traffic areas, while darker colors look better against your furniture and add warmth to an otherwise cold environment.


Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are made from wool or cotton, but they may also have synthetic materials. This gives runner rugs extra durability and allows you to use them in any room of your home. You can even find runner rugs that are machine washable, so they will last through years of heavy traffic and spills without looking worn out or frayed at the edges. These are flat-weave rugs, but many of them have a little bit of a raised design on the surface. Some runner rugs even feature some fringe around the edges for an added touch of class and style. These are not small area rugs, though; they can run from about three feet long to over twelve feet in length, depending on what you need. These rugs add warmth, color, and personality to your room, and the best part is that they will not break the bank. Runner-style rugs can be used in any area of your home and come in all kinds of unique designs to add a little something extra to each room you put them in. They are available from about three feet long to twelve feet, depending on what size works best for you.


Decorating with Kilims and Runners

Decorating your home with kilims and runner rugs is an excellent addition to any room. They are best for narrow hallways, long corridors, and small rooms with open space to fill up and work well in modern and traditional homes. These rugs add color and personality to the room while not breaking the bank. Here are some fantastic ideas to brighten up your home with kilims and runners.

- Hallways & Entrances

One of the best places for these rugs is in hallways or entryways, especially if you have a long hallway that needs something to break up all the space. They also work well in small spaces since they don’t take up too much room. These rugs give the illusion of depth in the distance and make it seem more significant than it is. It fills up the area with its burst of colors and patterns. Runner rugs and kilims also work well in transitional spaces such as stairs and doorways.

- Kitchens & Dining Areas

Another favorite place for kilim rugs are kitchens or dining rooms because they add color to these spaces, which can sometimes be bland. These rugs work well in kitchens and dining areas since they can handle a lot of traffic, spills, and messes. They are usually made out of wool, so they will not stain or soak up liquids as some other rugs would. This means you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined by any accidents. They also work well as a dining table cover.

- Living Room & Dining Rooms

Another place where these types of rugs are perfect is in living rooms or dining rooms since they can fit under the table and chairs to protect your floor from scratches, spills, etc. Still, if you have ample space for gatherings, it will work well at getting people away from expensive furniture. They also work best when layered on top of more oversized rugs to give you a change in color or texture.

- Bedroom & Hallways

Also, these types of runners work great for hallways since they are narrow and can fit underneath your bedroom door to protect the floor from any dirt that might come with using shoes inside the house. They also provide another layer between your feet and the floor, which is excellent for those who want to walk around the house barefoot. They also come in an array of colors and patterns to work great for bedroom decor as well.

- Rugs as Wall-Hangings

These colorful and patterned rugs are also fantastic when used as wall hangings. They can be hung on the wall vertically, which works great for open floor plans where space is limited, and you need to utilize every inch of it. They create a unique look on the wall, and they can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Pair them with bright or pastel colors, and you have yourself a fantastic space that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

- A Great Outdoor Rug

These flat weave thin rugs are easy to clean, and they’re perfect for the outdoors. They can be used on a patio, in the garden, or even as lawn rugs! Just place them near your outdoor furniture and enjoy their beauty during those warm summer nights. They make your patio or garden look great, and they are super comfortable to walk on.

- Rugs for Kids Rooms

Kids’ rugs provide comfort, warmth, and style in all kid’s rooms, especially playrooms! They’re an essential part of any child’s room because not only do they make the space cozier, but they also encourage creativity. A rug can be a place for a child to sit and read, play games, or do arts and crafts. There are so many kid rugs available that you can get one for every theme of your child’s room!


On a Final Note

With so many choices of rugs to pick from, it can be challenging to know where to start. We’ve provided you with some of the most important considerations for making your selection, and we hope this has helped! Now that you have all the helpful information, head over to RugKnots.com and find a rug or runner rug perfect for your home decorating needs. Our team at RugKnots is ready and waiting for any questions as well as quick delivery times on our great selections of vintage rugs in every color imaginable! Which type of runner rug do you think will work best in your space?



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